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Emailer Design Services / Email Marketing


Adept Data Services offers an efficient, affordable and very cost-effective emailer design services with minimum hassles.


E-marketing is one of the main reasons behind the success of many companies. It is a cheap, but a very effective promotion technique. Your mailers can be sent as HTML pages or Flash presentations. Besides being unique, they are visually attractive and make an impact in the minds of the viewer. These emailers are very useful when you have any new product or service to advertise.


Our emailer / e-newsletter design services include:

  • Text content design
  • Custom-made high-quality graphics
  • HTML Emails can contain links to your website
  • Emails can be linked to your database backend for automated systems
  • Email newsletter production services
  • The email design is optimized for fast download
  • Save money by using a proven marketing method
  • Email template creation allowing you to add your own content

Emailer's (e-Newsletters) benefits:

  • Can be used as market promotion and consolidation tool
  • Brand awareness and building strategy
  • Product and Services Launch thus becomes easy
  • As a tool for promoting your company's philosophy and values internally

Our email / internet marketing services include:

  • Building existing customers emails database
  • New email lead generation
  • Emails database management
  • Creation & delivery of eye-catching and effective emails

Email Campaigns Monitoring Results measurement:

  • Number sent/bounced emails
  • Opens response reporting
  • Click-through response reporting
  • Forward to a friend response reporting

HTML & Flash based e-mailers are the excellent tool for e-marketing and promotional campaigns. We provide a variety of HTML / Flash based e-mailers and email database creation services for your email marketing needs.


We understand deadlines and turnaround is often a prime criteria in outsourcing data services.


We are ready to carry out a no obligation FREE SAMPLE work for emailer design services to earn your trust based on the quality of our work.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your emailer design outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.


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