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Data Capture Services / Online Data Extraction


Adept Data Services offers an efficient, affordable and very cost-effective data capture services / online data extraction services with minimum hassles. Adept offers high quality data capturing services and has specialists in various fields who can quickly return the information to the client as they know exactly where to look for the necessary information.


For your text and numeric based documents, whether printed or hand-written, we provide a highly accurate and rapid service to manually enter your data into an electronic format. We guarantee accuracy in excess of 99.9%. Using state-of-the art software and manual validation procedures, you can rest assured of the integrity of your data.


Our high-quality document scanners accurately capture and convert data into required format.


We have proficiency to capture data from below source materials:

  • Memos, air waybills, surveys, reports, instruction manuals
  • Insurance claims, Medical claims, Patient records
  • Business cards, index cards, product warranties, surveys
  • Questionnaires, Coupon redemptions, Credit card applications
  • Financial statements, payroll records
  • Product registration cards, shipping documents, bank statements
  • Credit card statements, photographs, property details, charts, graphs

We also offer professional data capturing services for time sheets (whether printed matter or handwritten), subscriptions application forms of any kind (credit-cards, loans, product registration etc.) and valuable information from the source websites.


Our online data extraction services includes:

  • Data Extraction from online databases such as white pages, yellow pages
  • Meta-Data Extraction
  • Records and reports extraction from websites
  • Extracting product details from websites
  • News, blogs, forums and PR sources extraction

Adept has a satisfactory broadband internet connectivity and can offer tailored support like remote access and FTP server etc.



We are ready to carry out a no obligation FREE SAMPLE work for data capturing services to earn your trust based on the quality of our work.

You can CONTACT US at any time with queries regarding your online data capturing outsourcing needs as we provide 24×7 customer support.


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